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Miss Ashley Allison Blog
Hashtagiamenough- "Preserving Her Garifuna Culture"
Happy Friday, ASSASSINS! I hope you all had a wonderful and prosperous week! If you’re into all things make up and beauty then this Feature is for you! Meet Alexa Rochez who is not only a makeup artist but a YouTuber as well. On her YouTube channel you can find product reviews, makeup tutorials, vlogs, challenges and even pranks! So head over there (after you finish reading her feature, of course 🙂 ) to check out her videos! Enjoy!!
What does being Afro-Latina an mean to you? 
To me, being Afro-Latina means having the best of both worlds. I love being part of this ethic group because we are very diverse and we are very united. 
What are ways you embrace your Garifuna roots?
I embrace my Garifuna roots by cooking our delicious meals. I have to get credit to my mother and grandmother for introducing the recipes to me when I was younger; there are so many people in my culture who unfortunately they do not know how to cook certain meals, and I am just  thankful to be able to know how.
Es Mi Cultura Issue #19
12 Women On How They Preserve Garifuna Culture
​Alexa Dolmo-Rochez is a 20-year-old proud Garifuna and Afro-Latina woman who was born in La Ceiba, Honduras. At age 14 she relocated to Houston, TX. Not able to communicate with anyone because Spanish is her first language, she had to work hard to learn English and become fluent in the language. One of her biggest accomplishments was graduating from high school early. When she left her birth place, Alexa was dropped a few grades because she didn't know English. This made her work even harder, and instead of graduating in four years she did it in three. 
What does being Garifuna mean to you?
To be Garifuna is an honor. Being a part of the Garifuna culture is unique and beautiful and involves sharing our foods, dance, dialect and custom apparel with the world. Being Garifuna also means, that I can help my community with resources and provide direction with opening doors for those who are in need. For that reason, I love showing and speaking about it in my developing platform because there is so much unknown about our awesome principles, values, and beliefs....